Signer Delegations & Analytics

Since PoX cycle 84 and the instantiation of Nakamoto, Signers were introduced on Stacks. Through delegation of STX to a set of Signers, Stacking DAO is contributing to Stacks security.

As leading node operators become Signers, it showcase the ecosystem growth and attraction of new users.

On, anyone can find an overview of STX delegations across the network at any point in time.

The current Stacking DAO Signer network includes a distributed set of institutional grade validators with a track record of optimal uptime and Billions of stacked assets under management:

  • ALUM Labs

  • Blockdaemon

  • Chorus One

  • DeSpread

  • Kiln

  • Luganodes

  • Restake

  • Stacking DAO

Each of the above entities run a Stacks Signer as of PoX cycle 84 (~4th of May 2024). The delegated amount of STX that Stacking DAO delegates to the above signers is dynamic and can change over time, depending on the yield and uptime of the respective signers.

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