Withdrawing STX


  • Withdrawing STX will burn your stSTX and give you a temporary NFT that represents your withdrawal amount

  • You can initialize a withdrawal at any time. The STX will unlock in the next cycle if you initialise the withdrawal more than 1 day (>200 blocks to be exact) before the PoX cycle ends. If you initialise the withdrawal in the last day of a PoX cycle, you will have to wait another cycle.

How to withdraw

To withdraw your STX and burn your stSTX, you will need to request a withdrawal from the protocol. This withdrawal process can take up to 14 days (which is the length of 1 PoX cycle). The reason this can take up to 14 days is because the protocol can only withdraw the amount of STX from PoX once a PoX cycle ends. Read more about PoX here.

In order to unstack, simply click the "Unstack stSTX" button in the UI and you will see the following screen:

Unstacking the stSTX will not immediately give you the STX back, since you will have to wait until the end of the PoX cycle. Instead, you will receive a withdrawal NFT that allows you to claim the amount of STX tokens displayed in the UI. IMPORTANT: do not transfer, burn or sell this NFT or you won't be able to claim your STX tokens.

Once the PoX cycle ends, the NFT will appear in your Active Positions on the main page (when your wallet is connected):

When the Bitcoin block height is reached, you will be able to withdraw your STX. If you never claim the STX using your NFT, the NFT will simply be valid and you can claim the STX at any time when the withdrawal opens. It does not expire.

For those accumulating points: the NFT will not count towards any points. As soon as you initialise a withdrawal and the stSTX leaves your wallet, you will not earn points any longer for the amount of stSTX you are withdrawing.

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